Esteban Santiago Alledged Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter
Esteban Santiago Alledged Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter

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Get to know Esteban Santiago, the alleged Fort Lauderdale Airpot Shooter

Fort Lauderdale Suspect’s Motive Remains a Mystery. Federal authorities are trying to piece together just what led the suspect – a 26-year-old Army veteran – to go on a murderous rampage.

After the shooting rampage, Santiago turned himself over to police without a fight.

His Instagram post in military uniform:

 “Here’s to finding whether or not your mission on earth is finished ; if your still alive … It isn’t.”

Santiago, the suspected gunman served in the Puerto Rican and Alaskan components of the force, from Dec. 14, 2007 – 2016 August according to Lt. Col. Candis Olmstead, a spokesperson for the Alaskan service. He was deployed to Iraq from April 2010 until February 2011.

The combat engineer received a discharge for unsatisfactory performance at the rank of E3 – or Private First Class – on Aug. 16.

Federal authorities told ABC News tonight that Santiago recently received mental health treatment after he showed up at the FBI’s Anchorage, Alaska office claiming that the government was forcing him to watch videos produced by the ISIS terror group.

The agents described him as incoherent.


Senior officials confirm that Santiago arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport on a flight from Minneapolis, where he had connected from a flight from Anchorage that he boarded last night.

Some media reports suggested that he had flown to Fort Lauderdale from Canada, however the Canadian Embassy said in a statement that “the suspect did not fly from Canada and was not on a Canadian flight.”

The embassy confirmed that he had flown from Anchorage via Minneapolis and reiterated that, “there is no Canadian connection.”

It was in the baggage claim in Fort Lauderdale that he began his shooting spree, with a gun that a federal law enforcement official tells ABC News was checked legally in his luggage.

Witness Mark Lea, who phoned into this afternoon’s ABC News’ Special Report, said that Santiago “went through a couple dozen rounds” before tossing his weapon and “lying face down and spread eagle” awaiting officers to arrest him.

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