PAST LIVES – This kid has evidently lived before. Very strong case.


This kid has evidently lived before. Very strong case.

Is this family’s incredible story proof of reincarnation? In the book, “Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot,” Bruce and Andrea Leininger, tell the story of their son, James, and the strange nightmares he began having as a toddler. Bruce says the dreams were occurring four or five times a week, and they really began to wonder what was happening when James produced some drawings that were eerily accurate.

He was able to draw what clearly looked like a plane being shot down and oddly, he signed his name as “James 3.” When his parents asked why he was putting a three after his name, he said he was the “third James.”

James was also saying the names of WWII fighter pilots and the name of the ship that fighter pilot James Huston served on. Through years of research, the family tracked down the family of James Huston, who was killed in a mission near Japan.

They believe all of these inexplicable occurrences point to the spirit of Huston living within their son.


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